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Toronto Makeup lessons

Makeup Theory and Application
Tips and Tricks 
Recorded Segments  

Toronto Makeup Lessons
At Bets Beauty Studio, we offer personalized step by step tutorials. If YouTube makeup tutorials have failed you, you've come to the right place. Our lessons are personalized and catered to your own facial features. You'll learn basic theory to help you understand proper application on yourself. The lesson will provide you with a step by step guide and a face chart with recommended products. We also offer a premium tutorial where we will film our lessons for your future reference. 
Lesson Overview:

1. Facial Feature Theory
- Skin Tone
- Face Shape
- Eye Shape

2. Makeup Theory and Application
- Brow Shaping 
- Eye Shadow 
- Eye Liner 
- False Lash Application
- Background Foundation
- Makeup Setting
- Contour and Highlighting 
- Blush and Bronzer 
- Best Colours for Lips 
- Tips and Tricks
3. Makeup Brush Recommendations 

4. Face Chart and Product Recommendations

$ 300
3 Hour Lesson
1. In Studio lesson available

2. In home lesson available (travel fee not included)

3. Includes Face Chart and Makeup Theory
$ 750
3 - 4 Hour Lesson with Video
1. In Studio lesson Only

2. High quality 4k filmed segments. 

3. Includes Face Chart and Makeup Theory

Beauty Service Expectations

Your satisfaction is our priority. We want to ensure every client is happy with their lash extensions. 


We only use premium quality adhesive and lash extensions. The lashes we use are always silky, soft, and light weight. It won't even feel like you have them on.  

The bets beauty experience

QUALITY products
We use premium products for all applications. Please let us know in advance if you require special accommodations or a specific brand/product.
Your beauty session with our team should feel comfortable and easy. We pride ourselves in providing attentive service to all our clients.
Our team is always appreciative of client feedback in order to improve, or feel great about delivering a positive beauty session.